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NEW LJ [21 Aug 2005|03:31pm]
i'm tired of this one. new LJ ---> eyecandii__x3 k add me and check that out for new entries. k thanx<3

(totally Di0R <3 )

updatee<3 [16 Jul 2005|11:31pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

yeah my summer is flying by amazingly. i'm a CIT @ camp which is awesome. i got to choose wat age group i wanted so i chose the adorable little 3&4 year olds,but other than tht my other awesome CITS are fucking amazing<33 love you guys =)

so yeah we went to the movies tonight, saw DARK WATER, i have no idea wat is was about tho b/c um i sat next to hottie travis and we were laughing&talking the whole damn time. haha there was like 20 of us & i swear we were gonna get kicked out we were so loud & annoying =P
so yeah after the movie i went up to mcdonalds like 3 times haha, chicken nuggets, mozerella sticks, fries and a chocolate milkshake ohh yeah, i was tempted to go get a big mac but then i controlled myself, i didn't want to puke. LOL.

anyways my mom is having her friends over tomorrow. yay wat excellent fun then i get to babysit my cutie nicole across the street. wooo moneyyy<33

can't wait till camp on monday =) i really don't want this summer to end!

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yay survey time [03 Jul 2005|06:34pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

- Pink: "just like a pill"
- Aerosmith: "jaded"
- Madonna: "ray of light"
- Korn: "thoughtless"
- Backstreet Boys: incomplete""
- The Beatles: "twist and shout"
- Sublime: ?
- J.Lo: "lets get loud"
- *NSYNC: "tarin up my heart"
- Limp Bizkit: "my way"
- Britney Spears: "toxic"
- Creed: "bullets"
- Enrique Iglesias: "hero"
- Good Charlotte: "the anthem"
- Christina Aguilera: "walk away"
- Eminem: "business"
- New Found Glory:
- Kelly Clarkson: the trouble with love is""
- Kelly Osbourne: "one word"
- Mandy Moore: "candy"
- Eve: "gangsta lovin"
- Aaliyah: "rock the boat"
- Nelly: "hot in here"
- Alicia Keys: "fallin"
- Incubus: "pardon me"

:: Ben or Matt ::: Ben
:: Orlando or Johnny ::: Johnny
:: Spice Girls or Dream ::: Spice Girls
:: Pepsi or Coke ::: pepsi
:: Blonde or Brunette ::: Brunette
:: Blue eyes or Brown eyes ::: Blue Eyes
:: Vanilla or Chocolate ::: vanilla
:: Dogs or Cats ::: both
:: Christina or Britney ::: Britney
:: Lip-stick or Lip-gloss ::: Lip-Gloss
:: Rock or Rap ::: Rock
:: Ghetto or Gangsta ::: neither ew
:: Pink or Purple ::: Pink
:: TV or Computer ::: tv&comp
:: CD's or Radio ::: cds
:: Spanish or French ::: FRENCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:: Brad Pitt or Paul Walker ::: paul walker
:: Basketball or Volleyball ::: vball
:: Apples or Oranges ::: oranges
:: 1/2 Full or 1/2 Empty ::: wat fuckin ever. im positive ok?
:: Morning or Night ::: Night
:: Chicken or Turkey ::: chicken
:: Salmon or Tuna ::: salmon
:: Poser or Poseur ::: um idk
:: Freedom or Stability ::: wtf is stability?
:: Cheez-It or Cheese Nips ::: ew
:: Birds or Bees ::: Birds
:: RollerCoasters or WaterRides ::: waterrides
:: AOL or MSN ::: AOL
:: Gold or Silver ::: both =)
:: This or That ::: This
:: Nike or Adidas ::: dior =)
:: 80s or 90s ::: 30s
:: Preschool or Kindergarten ::: preschool
:: Cubed or Crushed ::: wtf
:: VH1 or MTV ::: MTV
:: Truth or Dare ::: Dare
:: Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings ::: ew. phantom of the opera =)
:: Pen or Pencil ::: Pen
:: PC or Mac ::: mac
:: Peppermint or Spearmint ::: ew gross
:: East Coast or West Coast ::: East Coast!
:: North or South ::: north
:: Pedicure or Manicure ::: both
:: Target or KMart ::: ew but ill go wit target
:: Top or Bottom ::: Top
:: Hug or Kiss ::: both =)
:: Forks or Spoons ::: depends on wat im eating
:: Cubs or Sox ::: yankees
:: Cake or Pie ::: cake
:: Rain or Snow ::: snow
:: Fall or Autumn ::: autumn
:: Winter or Summer ::: winter
:: Swim or Float ::: float
:: Walk or Run ::: walk
:: Beach or Mountains ::: Beach
:: City or Suburbs ::: City
:: Love or Lust ::: love&lust
:: Carmel or Car-a-mel ::: Car-a-mel
:: Stars or Moons ::: Stars
:: *NSYNC or BSB ::: BSB
:: Car or Truck ::: Convertible
:: 7th Heaven or Everwood ::: THE OC =)
:: VHS or DVD ::: DVD fags
:: Skip-it or Hopscotch ::: um how about neither?
:: Fish or Birds ::: fish, i cant eat them. mwahahah
:: Shoes or Sandals ::: shoes&sandals
:: Cough or Sneeze ::: none. i fucking hate being sick
:: Bath or Shower ::: bath
:: Stairs or Elevator ::: stairs!
:: Yes or No ::: maybe
:: Jelly-filled or Cream-filled ::: none. thats fattening =P
:: Loud or Soft ::: soft
:: Sister or Brother ::: my sister of course =)
:: Michael Jordan or Dennis Rodman ::: i dont give a fuck about basketball
:: Nick or Disney ::: nick all the effin way
:: Fun or Boring ::: fun of course

iF Y0U HAVE SEEN 0VER 70, you are a movie whore.
001. ( X ) Napoleon Dynamite
002. ( X ) Saw
003. ( X ) White Noise
004. ( X ) White Oleander
005. ( X ) Anger Management
006. ( x ) 50 First Dates
007. ( x ) Jason X
008. ( x ) Scream
009. ( x ) Scream 2
010. ( x ) Scream 3
011. ( X ) Scary Movie
012. ( X) Scary Movie 2
013. ( x ) Scary Movie 3
014. ( x ) American Pie
015. ( X) American Pie 2
016. ( x ) American Wedding
017. ( X ) Harry Potter
018. ( x ) Harry Potter 2
019. ( x ) Harry Potter 3
020. ( x ) Resident Evil I
021. ( ) Resident Evil 2
022. ( x ) The Wedding Singer
023. ( ) Little Black Book
024. ( x ) The Village
025. ( ) Donnie Darko
026. ( ) Lilo & Stitch
027. ( x ) Finding Nemo
028. ( ) Finding Neverland
029. ( x ) 13 Ghosts
030. ( x ) Signs
031. ( x ) The Grinch
032. ( x ) Texas Chainsaw Massacre
033. (x ) White Chicks
034. ( x ) Butterfly Effect
035. ( x ) 13 Going on 30
036. ( x ) I Robot
037. ( x ) Dodgeball
038. ( ) Universal Soldier
039. ( ) A Series Of Unfortunate Events
040. ( x ) Along Came A Spider
041. ( x ) Deep Impact
042. ( ) KingPin
043. ( x ) Never Been Kissed
044. ( x ) Meet The Parents
045. ( ) Meet The Fockers
046. ( x ) Eight Crazy Nights
047. ( x ) A Cinderella Story
048. ( ) The Terminal
049. ( x ) The Lizzie McGuire Movie
050. ( x ) Passport to Paris
051. ( x ) Dumb & Dumber
052. ( x ) Dumb & Dumberer
053. ( x ) Final Destination
054. ( x ) Final Destination 2
055. ( x ) Halloween
056. ( x ) The Ring
057. ( x ) The Ring 2
058. ( x) Harold & Kumar
059. ( x ) Practical Magic
060. ( x ) Chicago
061. ( x ) Ghost Ship
062. ( x ) From Hell
063. ( ) Hellboy
064. ( x ) Secret Window
065. ( x ) I Am Sam
066. ( x ) The Whole Nine Yards
067. ( x ) The Whole Ten Yards
068. ( x ) The Day After Tomorrow
069. ( x ) Child's Play
070. ( x ) Bride of Chucky
071. ( x ) Ten Things I Hate About You
072. ( x ) Just Married
073. ( x ) Gothika
074. ( x ) A Nightmare on Elm Street
075. ( ) Sixteen Candles
076. ( x ) Bad Boys
077. ( ) Bad Boys 2
078. ( x ) Joy Ride
079. ( x ) Seven
080 ( x ) Oceans Eleven
081. ( x ) Oceans Twelve
082. ( x ) Identity
083. ( ) Lone Star
084. ( x ) Bedazzled
085. ( x ) Predator I
086. ( ) Predator II
087. ( x ) Independence Day
088. ( ) Cujo
089. ( ) A Bronx Tale
090. ( x ) Darkness Falls
091. ( ) Christine
092. ( x ) ET
093. ( x ) Children of the Corn
094. ( x ) My Boss' Daughter
095. ( x ) Maid in Manhattan
096. ( ) Frailty
097. ( )Best Bet
098. ( x ) How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
099. ( x ) She's All That
100. ( )Calendar Girls
101. ( ) Sideways
102. ( ) Mars Attacks
103. ( ) Event Horizon
104. ( )Ever After
105. ( x ) Forrest Gump
106. ( ) Big Trouble in Little China
107. ( x ) X-Men 1
108. ( ) X-Men 2
109. ( x ) Jeepers Creepers
110. ( x ) Jeepers Creepers 2
111. ( x ) Catch Me If You Can
112. (x ) The Others
113. ( x ) Freaky Friday
114. ( ) Reign of Fire
115. ( x ) Cruel Intentions
116. ( x ) Ladder 49
117. ( ) Swimfan
118. ( x ) Miracle
119. (x ) Old School
120. ( ) Ray
121. ( x ) The Notebook
122. ( ) K-Pax
123. ( ) Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
124. ( ) Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
125. ( ) Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
126. ( x ) A Walk to Remember
127. ( x ) Boogeyman
128. ( x ) Hitch
129. ( ) Back Door Sluts 9
130. ( ) South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
131. ( x ) The Fifth Element
132. ( ) Star Wars: Episode I
133. ( ) Star Wars: Episode II
134. ( ) Star Wars: Episode IV
135. ( ) Star Wars: Episode V
136. ( ) Star Wars: Episode VI
137. ( ) Troop Beverly Hills
138. ( ) Swimming with Sharks
139. ( ) Trainspotting
140. ( ) People Under The Stairs
141. ( ) Blue Velvet
142. ( x ) Sound of Music
143. ( x ) Parent Trap
144. ( ) The Burbs
145. ( ) SLC Punk
146. ( x ) Meet Joe Black
147. ( ) Wild Girls
148. ( ) A Clockwork Orange
149. ( ) The Order
150. ( x ) Spiderman
151. ( x ) Spiderman 2
152. ( ) Amelie
153. ( x ) Mean Girls
154. ( x ) Shrek
155. ( x ) Shrek 2
156. ( x ) The Incredibles
157. ( x ) Collateral
158. ( x ) The Fast & The Furious
159. ( x ) 2 Fast 2 Furious
160. ( ) Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow
161. ( x ) Closer
162. ( x ) The Sixth Sense
163. ( x ) Artificial intelligence
164. ( x ) Love Actually
165. ( ) Shutter
166. ( x ) Ella Enchanted
167. ( x ) Princess Diaries 1
168. ( x ) Princess Diaries 2
169. ( ) Constantine
170. ( ) Million Dollar Baby
171. ( ) Life of David Gale
172. ( ) 25th Hour
173. ( ) Vanilla Sky
174. ( ) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
175. ( ) Boogie Nights
176. ( x ) Braveheart
177. ( ) The Anarchist Cook Book
178. ( ) A Beautiful Mind

um u can figure out how many movies i saw. =P

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holyy shit its been a whilee.... [02 Jul 2005|07:12pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

yeah so i graduated a couple of weeks ago? yeahh go mE! um the afterparty was really fun, i think i danced off all of the existing fat on my body haha. i got my metallic blue ipod...finally. whoopee!
um then pretty much after that me & the skanks went up to carmen avenue to like chill & hang at the pool, then the last day of school which was sad b/c thats like the last day LAUREN was in clarke!!!! yeah that loser is going to catholic school. pshhh

anyways i started camp, & i'm a CiT. fucking sick ass times, its like only the 4th day & i can't wait to come back for the next day. i got to pick what group i wanted so0o i picked the youngest. i got the 2+3+4 yr olds. they are so effin cute<33 anywayz all us cit's are thee shit. gonna be an awesome summer. i can tell ;)

& i'm also trying to save my money so i put some of it in the bank && at the end of the summer i'll take it out & go shopping...after all i'll be going to fucking HIGH SCHO0L !!!!!! ♥ <3

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ugh bored. [09 Jun 2005|10:18pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

yeah so i like have absolutely nothing to write about. last week was okay, hung out with my girls<3 ugh and the weather got extremely hot which i can't stand...i mean i sweat and my pores open up and my hair gets frizzy... its a nightmare!. well at least my parents buying a pool helps a little =P ugh i'm still stressed from like yesterday i had to finish my entire report on marilyn monroe who i adore...i think it turned out great plus i had to write 2 poems and i looooveeee writing poetry<3 and i'm stressing over finals...ugh help mee!

so today we had our track awards we all got a certificate...i'm sad, this was an amazing track season and i love all of my friends there to death<3 i won't get to see justin of joe diglio cuz they are in 7th and i'm graduating. tearr. anyways today after the awards thing me, evan burke, mica & eric went to vitos & then ralphs, stopped by erics house first which is a household i am in at least once a week & i got to see his new baby sis kayla! aww shes so cute. wow i love these kids so effin much we had a blast...theyre probably gonna crash my house sunday =) weeee

so last week when i was at laurens we rented the movie the PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. the greatest fucking thing i have ever seen. its the most beautitful love story out there, i'm tearing up every time i watch it. FUTURE BOYFRIEND ALERT...HE BETTER LIKE THIS MOVIE AND IF HE DOES HE ALREADY STOLE MY HEART. hehe. it puts the notebook to shame. yeahh.can u tell about my obsession by the layout? also we played "music of the night" in orchestra...since we suck it sounds like shit...i mean nothing compares to the real thing.
so like i already bought it i watch it like every day, i did see the play a few years ago but i don't remember so i'm gonna go see it again this summer. AFTER i see les` miserables (which i have been dying to see) anyways i loved the movie so much. and the phantom....unbelievably HOT i cant take it, what a beauty<33 and the girl playing christine was gorgeous, makes me wanna live back then and have big curly hair and wear gorgeous dresses 24/7...ahhh<3
so not only am i gonna see the play again i'm going to buy the soundtrack && get the movie poster and somehow get an autographed photo of the phantom: ♥Gerrard Butlet♥ and i'm watching/listening to thee movie as we speak. hehe I win!

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i WANT i WANT i WANT !!! [29 May 2005|11:51am]
i want i want i want....Collapse )

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omg a puppy?! [21 May 2005|10:16am]
[ mood | happy ]

ok so i'm really excited. a couple of weeks ago there was a little white puppy in my backyard and me and my mom spent the whole afternoon feeding it and trying to find its owner, turns out that it was lost and the owner lived around the block. so much for a puppy =(

then like a few days ago my mom was like "oh well if we wouldn't have found the owner i would have kept that dog it was so cute." so i'm like hmm lets register this. my mom has asthma, we have 3 cats and she was thinking about keeping a dog. well color me shocked =P

then since i'm like really into dogs these days (yeah idk either...maybe its the new trend or maybe i'm just an animal lover) but i talked to my mom about it and she has actually given it some thought. she said to wait until after the house is done, since the kitchen is getting redone and the backyard is getting new fences and so on. so we go into the pet store in Roosevelt field and i'm really surpised to see my mom so into dogs. she never really liked dogs as much, she has a thing for cats but the only dogs we can get are the ones with hair not fur so her asthma is fine. my shock was she was asking the lady all these questions on price how they get along with cats and yeah etc. etc. so basically if we are getting one its going to be house trained so that we don't need to walk it outside and risk bringing flees into the house. but i'm still going to take it everywhere in the car with me!!

so we basically want a little dog. not a dalmation or shepard or golden retreiver<333333 so its between a maltese and a yorkshire terrier. i think its really hard because i think they are both adorable!!! i have a name set down already. I want to name it "CoCo" because its cute plus it'll be named after coco chanel. oh yeah...hotness =P and preferably a girl because i want to dress it up and give it designer stuff.


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weEkLy updaTe... [15 May 2005|09:27pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

So this week was pretty good. on tues-weds i took my math state exam which was beyond easy and i had mucho amounts of work & tests. don't you just love that?
on friday night me.mica.lauren.brooke.ashley.alyssa.alexia.allie (a.k.a. THE CLiQUE) took Keri to friendly's for her birthday. we had a pretty good time. all of us together is like a partyy =D

then very early saturdayy morning i got a muffin & vanilla latte from starbucks before going to the eye doc with my madre. my eyes get worse...which he said would happen until i was 20 so i need a new rpescription. ggrreeaatt. so after running around all day we went to get my new glasses. & i wanted new frames too so my new glasses are beyond hott. yeah CHANEL babyy<3 at the mall i got my new gossip girl novel which i can't wait to read plus i got keri's prezzy which is awesome =P

then saturday night i went to alexia's house with brooke. we hung out walked up to 2 brothers and and walked all voer the neighborhood. yeah it was so greatt i was cracking up the whole night. brooke ilu! yeah then later that night we got into afight with this really gayy person. not mentioning any names but w/e. shes a FAG =/

sundayy i went to mica's house we walked up to vitos for pizza then raplhs afterwards and ughh some sleazyy landscaper like guys were drooling. ugh i hate slummers =0 then we went back to her place and um hung out?
came home which looks like a cave because our whole kitchen is getting redone. ughh so im boredd to the maxx and i want more ice cream & a week off from skool!

mucho love<33

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omg i haven't updated in forever! [24 Apr 2005|02:15pm]
[ mood | creative ]

+ me & joe broke up. i'm strangley not affected by this or dissappointed. hmmm, but w/e i guess we are better off friends...except we haven't been the best of friends ever since the breakup. yeah things are pretty rough, he was a co0L friend =/

+ um last friday me, eric, mica & tom cut track as usual and met up with lauren to go to friendly's. we basically ate like pigs & laughed at the dumbest shit. LOL [ dude where's my root beer ] yeh if you see this on our profiles you'll know it was the best night that you missed!
Then we went back to eric's house where ryan & pat were...yeah that was kind of boring LOL. watched dude wheres my car. then crashed back home.

+ i got my report card...have a overall average of 94. yeah i'm proud =) i finally got the letter that said i made honor role thank god. now i can get my dooney bag!!!

+ hmm i still haven't spent my bday money yet which was like from a year ago haha...so i am loaded with cash that i can't wait to spend on my shopping spree with the girls<333
+ my mom took me to get my FENDI sunglasses. woo they are so hawt everyone wants them =P

+ everyone had sucky school on friday but my team went on a field trip to the aquarium. the bus ride was great. we were pranking ppl fromm our phones then waving and bothering random drivers around us. then i stole christy's & alyssa's ipod b/c i was music hungry && i didn't have my ipod yet =P
i must say the bus ride was funnier then the trip. i had these amazing chicken tenders&fries there then i had my cappuccino<33 ahh for aqarium food that was so pretty good damn coffee.

+ahh i guess that didn't pay off cuz i got sick after that night. went home...no homework thankyou lord. went to mica's casa later that night with lauren & eric<33 there are the coolest ppl ever! we rented the girl next door & harold & kumor go to white castle. ate pizza, trashed mica's room & laughed like retards and went home like at 1ish? yeh so i was bummed the next day. it was rainy & boring & i was on the comp all day.

+ & yeah i got my letter about the end of the year activities for 8th graders. let me just say how sucky my school is. we have to wear crappy gowns..so yeah there goes my hot betsey johnson dress. grr. and for the splish splash trip only the first 170 students who give in the forms first can go. thats not fair at all..some students are forgetful & irresponsible! cough cough...me =P & whatever i don't care of my gay principal says only 1 piece bathing suits. im not a loser, i only own bikinis. and my school isnt having a graduation ceremony this year at verdis...nope they doing something in the gym...eww as if! wat a cheap ass school.

+so todayy i have a confirmation party to go to...ooo wat excellent fun then i'm probably gonna go hang out with mica & lauren afterwards. so yeah more fun times ahead!!

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updates y0! [05 Apr 2005|08:55pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

on Friday we went out to friendlys cuz me & mica cut track...the coolest people everr ERIC MICA LAUREN AND ALYSSA <3 who i love to death. we ate like pigs, we took pics and we basically had the most awesome time. so like then then bill comes and its like $100 & alyssa has to call her mom to do all the math. we were peeing our pants =P

then we didn't have a ride and we couldnt go to the movies b/c we were broke so after walking around and singing in the middle of the street my madre comes and drops us off at alyssa's casa where we met with brooke<3 and watched eurotrip and hung out and took more pics.
-eric doing napolean dynamite =P
-mica laughing so loud & scary that the ppl behind us had to move
-tunkel, Lc & eric getting squished to the maxx
-me not being able to open alyssa's car door
-us trying to do math for a year & a day
-EUROTRIP in general
-being by brooke. too funny for words

*okay so my family partyy was on saturdayy. my mom ordered these hawtt pink white & black balloons b/c thats the best color combo! and she made me a LOUIS VUITTON CAKE. can that get any hotter??
*so mica, Lc, alyssa, sam & lulu came...ashley & keri couldnt come tear tear. well we had an awesome time pranking people, blasting the BSB (as always) and then i got everyone to watch the grudge which isnt as scary as it was the first time seeing it. ugh i hate when that happens! so then we hung out and had these awesome BROWNIES<333 and we took pics with our cameras and put our hair up like "deb" from napolean dynamite...b/c we are that hawtt...so yeah great times.
*i gots lots of moneyy which i can't wait to go spend!!!! =P

click here for pics of friday & saturdayy-->BEST FRIENDS ARE FOREVERR<3


so yesterday i wasn't feeling so hott. i felt like i had to faint and i felt lightheaded and my throat was killing me so i went home earlyy, my madre picked me up and i couldnt sleep that night and i felt like shit so of course i had to stay home! wahhh my perfect attendance is shot to hell.
and today i went to the doctoressa and she pricked my finger and took blood and right now my white blood cells are fucked up and i have a synis infection so i'm on 2 antibiotics. can u say LIFE SUCKS??? so i'm a little drugged up LOL i still have to wait to see if i have strep throat UGHH!!! and i can't go to school tomorrow either so i'm missing a shitload of work.

ahhh god whyyy whyyy? thats all for now i think i'll go and be all sick. much love<33

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HAPPY BDAY ME! [30 Mar 2005|07:34pm]
[ mood | happy ]

alright so yesterday was my birthday! MARCH 29TH!! went to school and my BFFs in the whole wide world wrapped my lockerr and gave me this awesome card (which was missing in action by 5th period =/) anywayz its was so awesome. and these coolio girls gave me prezzys<3
um at least 30 people wished me a happy bday,including people i hate & had to idea of their existance =P
then i went home & since i got into a fight with my parents the night b4 i was a little uncomfortable. then my madre calls me downstairs and there is a little carvel ice cream cake awaiting with my present. i got a digital camera. 5 megapixtels. beat that bitch! lol yeah so more presents awaiting me this weekend...can't hadrly wait. yeah that happened to be my 4th cake. i got one by my dad's house when i stopped there for easter and a home-made ice cream cake by my grandma and a regular cake with chocolate covered strawberrys<333 oh yeah and easter, couldn't have been any lamerr =P
so yeah 14 is awesome...my favorite numberr!!! and i can't wait till i get the rest of my gifts & money so i can go shopping...damn i already made some decent cash heree =D

okay now i'm going to studyy for ym tests and possibly get ym hair trimmed & rehighlightedd =)
much lovee<33

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if your sick of the surveys just skip aheadd.. [26 Mar 2005|07:16pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Thankyou Kerri =)Collapse )

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the worst weekend everr </3 [21 Mar 2005|06:18pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

FRIDAYalright well wasn't bad at all. went to the movies with christy, Alyysa, and mica <333 and we saw the ring2 which is officially the worst movie. even worse than the first one =/ and we had a pretty good time.
SATURDAY it was my cousins party , she just turned ten. there were actually some cute kids there and i was like the mommmy lol, but other than that i swear those kids were like energizer batteries lol

SUNDAY so this was a good and bad day. well the only highlight was i got the notebook on dvd, the audrey hepburn movie collection and a juicy zip hoody. But even that didn't cheer me up =/

alrite i'm not gonna say much. so basically me and one of my close guy friends got into a fight and its sucks because we like each other and now its hard to talk to my other guy friend about it because well both of them are friends. i really didn't need this right now.

so heartbroken </3

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haha the loser music weekend =P [14 Mar 2005|04:02pm]
so yeah i guess i couldn't resist a "Notebook" layout. god how i <3 that movie.

so anywayz another good weekend. on friday after school me, mica, and alyssa walked up to marios singing "i can see clearly now the rain is gone..." haha yeah don't ask. then after pizza we went to the guys volleyball game. we met up with ashley and maky and other people...so yeah that was fun =] then after the game me&alyysa&mica got picked up and had a craving for the song "man i feel like a woman" by shania twain...so yeah we are weird but hey thats a pretty good song for country.then at night i went to micas house we hung out, ate bagel bites<3, went on the comp and watched scary movie 3. haha good laughs. but then at like 11:30 at night i decided to watch the O.C. which i had taped and then right in the middle of the episode it blanked out! there was something wrong with the tape. i was so pissed and upset b/c that was a good episode. oh well thank god the amazing LC taped it!! lauren i <3 you.

then on saturday i went to my dads house, watched the notebook, because i am so in love with that movie and i cried hysterically again which was weird in front of my dad. i watched the previews like 1121544 times and still cryed. then that night me and ashley<33 went to see "the pasifier" really funny movie, i enjoyed it.

sunday i went to the mall with my madre b/c i need something to wear to my cousins party on saturday. i wound up getting a pretty blue sweater from guess.

lets see and today i got my math quiz back on trig. 104!! =D i am very proud. and yikes i have a huge science test tomorrow which i am not looking foward to. and yes i finally completed reading the notebook by nicholas sparks. i like the movie better even though the book is usually better. i mean i still got teary and thought it was amazing, but i think it was too short and i was looking for more. but there is a sequel called "the wedding" so i guess i'll have to go and read that =P

oh yeah and very random but the backstreet boys are coming back!!! YAY i cann't wait i <3 them! LOL

so thats all for now. comment ppl...mucho love<3

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LIVEJOURNAL = A PLACE FOR SURVEYS =) [05 Mar 2005|01:43pm]
backwards survey..yeah idk LOL...Collapse )

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s0o boredd [04 Mar 2005|10:26pm]
[ mood | bored ]

hey looky its...n I c 0 L e !

clicky clicky...Collapse )

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omg i am soo tiredd... [27 Feb 2005|12:19pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

so this vacay was okayy...it could have been better...lets see on monday night, LC and miica came over. LC had to leave (tear, tear) but the amazing miica slept over, so funny...we almost pulled off an all nighter but then we crashed. so yeah we were home alone all day, on the computer an i almost got miica to watch the texas chainsaw massacre. haha =] LC came back over and we made our myspaces...wow i am such a myspace whore. i'm addicted to that site. its soo fun...highly recommended. i'll post the link one of these days...

on wednesday i went to my grandma's with my cousin till friday. its amazing i didn't shoot myself. i swear i was going nuts. but anyway good thing thats overr =/

aww and i came home friday night nad my mom surprised me with all of these cool black and white photos of my two favorite all timers marilyn monroe and audrey hepburn!!! i'll be hanging those up!

on saturday i went shopping in manhattan. yes manhattan the best<3 i got a blue ralph lauren jacket and these cute black and white steve madden sneakers. so yeah that went well even thought i am still tired from all the walking. ahh caramel coffees<333 kept me awake.

alright so now its sunday and i'm bored and laying aroundd...i think i have a project to do but w/e, i think i'll go have ice cream and rent come movies. mucho love<3

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back to all the surveysss... [22 Feb 2005|12:13pm]
[ mood | calm ]

ANOTHER surveyy...Collapse )

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survey stolen from kerrii <3 [21 Feb 2005|06:11pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

whoopee a survey!Collapse )

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[19 Feb 2005|06:02pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Got my science test back which i got an 86 on, and i'm happy...science wasn't that great of a subject for me and a lot fo people failed so i'm proud =)

so yesterday was fun...it was the last day until the break but yeha you figure the teachers would give us a party or a break but nooo i had 3 TESTS. UGH =/ i had an itialian which i think i did good on...i never gotten under a 90 in italiana and i would like to keep it that way, thankyou very much. my math test seemed easy...ms heller told me later in the day that i got a 95 which is horrible! getting another 100 average will be difficult but i'll try =/

my ela test on "macbeth" was hard so i'm jsut hoping i did good. failing something is english would be the most embarressing thing ever =(

anyways friday after school i went to miicas, we hung at her plac, talked went on the computer, then to the mall...haha i got --> this shirt <--from American Eagle. yeah getting one thing at the mall is sadd..but it was funny me and miica walked around the food court and got free food samples. haha so funny and we got a prank phone call
and were talking to this retard...so yeah really funny.

got back to her place...went to blockbuster tried to get her to rent "The Grudge" of course the scaredy cat wouldn't oh well. i finally saw "white chicks" and miica finally saw "thirteen". good movies<3 then we were takin pictures until like idk 12? haha what loserrs<3
we went to bed at like 4ish? yeah so i was molto tired in the morning...and yeah that pretty much it.

i think i'm gonna go get coffee from starbucks and rent "Breakfest at tiffanys" with audrey hepburn. haha i <3 oldtimers


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